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Artist Biography

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Karen Mulder was born and raised in Hawaii. Surrounded by rich vivid beauty, infinite color, culture, history and an exposure to the Arts at a young age, she decided to be an artist at age 7. With the combination of independence, unique vision and the diversity of the Islands, her artwork embodies the vibrant aloha spirit. 

Her artwork is Bright Stylized Abstract-- full of color, fluid lines, and layers intertwined. Her pieces are inspired by the Fauvism style, and burst with energy, free form and are vividly expressionistic. Her voice and aesthetic weave the intangible breadth of life and divinity of Hawaii into colorful brilliance. As an artist, she begins her process with inks that flow, spread and spill with fluid freedom. From there, each piece is cultivated by a layering of heart and soul with pen, acrylic and oil. She also enjoys using watercolors.

With degrees in Elementary Education, Journalism and Sociology she has always had an interest in the Arts, Education and Children. As a professional artist, she incorporates her love of color, Hawaii, and the arts into every facet of life. She has raised 4 children and has 4 grandchildren. She paints daily in her home studio in Chandler, Arizona.

Since her first art show at 16, her art has been exhibited in local art shows and has been chosen to showcase at local businesses.  Her artwork was featured in The Miami River Art Fair, during Art Basel Week in Miami, Florida in 2016; in “Revealed” at Redintergration Gallery in Chandler, Arizona in 2017; and in a pop up art exhibition at The Lotus Lounge in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2019.

Graduating from the Milan Art Institute Art Mastery Program in Queen Creek Arizona in 2017, she plans to continue painting with her island-style flair, educate children and open a Gallery-Studio in Hawaii.

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Artist Statement

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As an artist, I believe that you share, you give and you live Aloha. Born and raised in Hawaii, I was surrounded by vivid beauty, color and culture. Aloha means hello, goodbye and love…it means the breadth of life, it is a spirit of love, peace and goodwill for the land, people and life.

I strive to weave the intangible spirit of Aloha into bold colorful tangible artwork. My paintings burst with color, fluid lines and layers, creating abstract intertwined with representational Art true to my voice and vision.



Living in Hawaii lead me to dreaming of being an artist. As a little girl, I would spend hours pondering over books about artists, nature and animals. I remember turning pages in a book about Van Gogh, in awe over his artwork and tortured life. I decided to be an artist, at the age of 7 years old.

My strict European father and lost in literature mother filled our house with the Arts; books, culture, art, artifacts, theater and music. My childhood was an opportunity for exploration, Independence and creativity. Being full of energy and ideas, I would run and disappear outside for hours, taking solace in nature. I would often run off to the mountains or the beach via a ditch that ran all the way up and down to the water.  I chased rainbows, trying to find the pot of gold. I lived in my mind, a dual world of cruelty and fantasy, of fear and beauty.

In my paintings, I aim to capture the moments of raw radiance in a child’s heart where there exists the purity of innocence and hope, where I was hidden in the trees, picking flowers, swimming free and unknowingly fostering independence. My artwork reflects and encompasses taking that breath of courage, in the midst of hardship or life struggles and emerging with bright boldness and a fiery passion of color to say….”Look!!!! …see the Hope, Our World is so Amazing”!

Hawaii is my heart, light and inspiration. When viewing my artwork, I always hope that people will see through my eyes, a colorful harmony and symphony of a genuine paradise, connecting with my vision of the aloha spirit and be free to chase rainbows. 

me ke aloha, karen

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